Zelu Chemie develops new adhesive for upholstered furniture production

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Zelu Chemie develops new adhesive for upholstered furniture production
The new Zelu adhesive enables a significant increase in efficiency in upholstered furniture production.

Murr, Germany. ZELU CHEMIE GmbH has launched a new 2-component contact adhesive designed for efficient and secure bonding in the upholstered furniture sector. The product offers very high initial adhesion strength to permanently bond substrates, including substrates with complex geometries. Other advantages include significantly improved properties in terms of occupational health and safety and the environment, as well as smaller space requirements in production.

More stringent occupational health and safety as well as environmental requirements in upholstered furniture production are resulting in stricter limits for solvent emissions. However, the water-based adhesives currently available often prove to be inadequate, especially when it comes to compensating high restoring forces. This means that manufacturers are still dependent on solvent-based products. The new 2K dispersion formulated by Zelu for application to just one substrate offers the necessary very high level of initial strength, enabling solvent-free production. The product is also a reliable solution for bonding complex geometries.

Switching to the new Zelu adhesive is not only worthwhile for users switching from solvent-based products, but also for processors of dispersions. Single-sided application of the adhesive reduces the application weight by up to 30 per cent compared to double-sided application. This leads to a considerable reduction in costs with less production space being required.

Moreover, the new Zelu contact adhesive meets the high quality and durability requirements of the end products. It facilitates reliable and high-quality bonding for all surfaces commonly used in furniture manufacture. The adhesive bond can be corrected and is very flexible despite its high strength.

Simple implementation in the production process

In most cases, users who already use water-based products can implement this new contact adhesive in existing production processes without major adjustments, as the existing infrastructure can continue to be used.

When switching from solvent-based to solvent-free adhesives, the work process remains largely unchanged, enabling a seamless transition. Zelu’s experts offer individual guidance on selecting suitable spray guns and adapting the application process for the changeover.

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