Technological advances regarding solar inverters are also placing growing demands on the materials used. Wevo has responded by developing customised potting compounds and adhesives for the power electronics. Amongst other things, these provide the very high thermal conductivity that is increasingly required.

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Reliable sensor and antenna technologies augmented by Wevo materials

Ostfildern-Kemnat, Germany. From flush exterior door handles to keyless functions – customised polybutadiene potting compounds from WEVO-CHEMIE GmbH play a big part in innovative functionalities and the brand-specific design of today’s vehicle access systems. The tailor-made materials provide long-term protection for the antennas and sensors essential for these systems, guarantee…
by | 21.02.2024

Materials from Wevo-Chemie for powerful inverters

Ostfildern-Kemnat, Germany. As a component of the power electronics in electric vehicles, inverters are responsible for transforming direct current into alternating current or vice versa. Efficient thermal management is essential here – and requires the inverter or its individual components to be connected to the cooling system. To make this…
by | 14.11.2023

Environmental technologies: products from Wevo-Chemie offer solutions

Ostfildern-Kemnat, Germany. Air quality control, water treatment and waste separation are key aspects of modern environmental technologies. Depending on the application, the increasingly smart components necessary for this purpose have to be reliably protected from challenging environmental conditions such as dust and moisture, aggressive media or mechanical stresses, for example…
by | 28.04.2023

Wevo silicones enable more safety for lithium-ion batteries

Ostfildern-Kemnat, Germany. One of the most important requirements for batteries in electric vehicles is the ability to mitigate thermal runaway. This is defined as protection against overheating through a self-reinforcing, exothermic process and cushioning the effects should this happen nevertheless. Apart from mechanical stability through good vehicle design and cooling…
by | 21.03.2023

Wevo develops particularly gas-impermeable products for fuel cells

Hydrogen-based fuel cells achieve high performance and are energy-efficient. They produce no harmful emissions because only water and electrical energy are released when hydrogen reacts with oxygen. The technology therefore holds considerable potential for powering electric vehicles in the context of the proposed mobility transition. Since hydrogen is the smallest…
by | 07.03.2023

SCIO – the new Wevo magazine

Diverse topics, detailed information and entertaining insights – the first issue of Wevo’s SCIO magazine contains articles on topics from smart farming to Germany’s vehicle charging infrastructure. “SCIO” is Esperanto and means “knowledge”. As the name of Wevo’s customer magazine, SCIO stands for that that we aspire to achieve through…
by | 20.12.2022


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