They combine high thermal conductivity with a structural bonding option: if necessary, Wevo adhesive systems are applied to the cooling system in three dimensions and pressed directly together with the battery cells. This enables improved dissipation of the high temperatures generated during the charging process.

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Self-adhesive applications with water-based products from ZELU-CHEMIE

Murr, Germany. An aqueous base, different tack properties, limited tendency to yellowing – Curvalin D 409X from ZELU CHEMIE GmbH is a product series consisting of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) with an already proven track record. That makes the products the ideal solution for a wide range of self-adhesive applications,…
by | 13.10.2022

Powerful electric motors with compounds from Wevo-Chemie

Ostfildern-Kemnat, Germany. More and more electric drives are being adopted today, not only in Europe, but around the globe. In the automotive sector, as well as in local public transport, freight transport or in agriculture. Depending on the technical requirements, the electric motors necessary for these applications increasingly need to…
by | 12.10.2022

Potting compounds help produce state-of-the-art fan components

Ostfildern-Kemnat, Germany. Rising energy prices mean that not only efficient heating and cooling of buildings but also good ventilation is becoming an ever more important issue. In industrial environments, in agriculture and increasingly in private homes, too, ventilation systems provide the necessary circulation and temperature control ofindoor air. Fans are…
by | 02.06.2022

Smart grids and cities thanks to Wevo products

Ostfildern-Kemnat, Germany. “Smart city”: this term describes complex, multi-layered concepts for the development and digital transformation of urban spaces. The basic idea behind it is that these spaces are to be made more liveable, more efficient, more climate-friendly and therefore more sustainable by the adoption of innovative and networked information…
by | 29.04.2022

HVDC technology: longer-lasting and more environment-friendly components

Ostfildern-Kemnat, Germany. Plants used to generate renewable energies – especially wind and hydroelectric power – are often located hundreds of miles away from where the power is actually needed. This changes the requirements on the power grid as large amounts of energy have to be transported over long distances. To…
by | 29.03.2022

Product series from Zelu Chemie for manufacturing upholstered furniture

Murr, Germany. A number of chemical raw materials are currently subject to fluctuations regarding availability. For many in the industry, this is resulting in supply problems or even production being halted. As a result, ZELU CHEMIE GmbH has switched its “Zelukleber P 49XX” product series to an alternative raw material base that…
by | 08.03.2022


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