Wevo develops and produces custom-made resin systems for casting, bonding and sealing. Ever since the company was founded in 1945, it has consistently developed successful innovations in all these areas, while maintaining the highest standards in uncompromising quality and maximum safety. Wevo polyurethane, epoxy or silicone-based potting materials for electrical and electronic components have become indispensable in the automotive, energy, household and industrial sector. Wevo – individual solutions for the challenges of both today and tomorrow.



Founded in 1889, Zelu is one of the few one-stop providers who produce custom-made PU systems and adhesives. With the highest standards in processing safety and production efficiency, Zelu develops creative individual solutions for the automotive, furniture, upholstery, sports and leisure industries. Whether it concerns soft, hard or integral foam, whether hot-melt, solvent-based or water-based dispersion adhesives – Zelu can provide the perfect solution.