More efficient bonding of upholstered furniture: new adhesive from Zelu Chemie

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More efficient bonding of upholstered furniture: new adhesive from Zelu Chemie

Murr, Germany. The new water-based two-component contact adhesive from ZELU CHEMIE GmbH enables a more straightforward and significantly faster bonding of upholstered furniture. With only one-sided adhesive application, the product offers strong initial tack for an extremely broad range of bond types. As well as saving time, this also means lower costs thanks to the reduced amount of adhesive.

Increasing numbers of companies in the upholstered furniture industry are switching from solvent-based systems to water-based dispersion adhesives. The benefits are clear: less solvent vapour means a reduction in potential health risks for employees and also ensures that increasing emissions requirements for businesses can be fulfilled.

With its aqueous base, the new two-component contact adhesive from Zelu contributes in all of the aspects mentioned above, and there are additional benefits compared to conventional dispersion adhesives: the product can be applied to just one side without issue and ongoing processing as aided by the high initial tack.

Moreover, the bonding of different foams – to one another as well as to wood – is straightforward and safe to perform. The adhesive seam can be corrected and is extremely flexible despite its high final strength. The Zelu adhesive also adheres to problematic substrates such as polypropylene and polyethylene, enabling successful bonding of plastic seating, for example.

Trouble-free implementation in the production process

Tests at leading upholstered furniture manufacturers have demonstrated in particular that the ability to apply the adhesive on a single side offers significant advantages in terms of time savings and reduced material consumption compared to existing products on the market. The Zelu adhesive system can be straightforwardly integrated into the existing production process – a simple free-flow system is sufficient for implementation.

The decades-strong expertise of ZELU CHEMIE GmbH as a renowned adhesive manufacturer for classic upholstered furniture production has served as the basis for the development of the current two-component contact adhesive. The company’s broad product portfolio encompasses solutions for all typical bonding situations. Comparable contact adhesives are also used in the manufacture of seats for the automotive sector.

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